Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The roof is getting smaller

There will still be plenty of room to drink and dine though. In the interest of safety and knowing some of our customers, D Coop designed the roof to have planter beds surrounding about 80% of the roof top dining space. The bed at the point should discourage any Titanic reenactments.

This machine gets the blocks up there

These guys cut and lay them

This side's not done yet, but shows the basic outline

And "I'm the king of the world" point


  1. Some people find it very romantic to dine under the stars. To satisfy this demand, enterprising businesses are also coming out with innovatively-themed rooftop restuarants to attract customer attention. I am sure, prospective diners will be looking forward to the opening of this Titanic-inspired rooftop resto.

  2. Even if the roof is getting smaller, it’s okay because it’s a sign of progress. It would be a good investment, Allan. I bet you’ll gain more customers if this is finally done.