Friday, February 17, 2012

52 days in 57 seconds and a gopher

Accompanied by some electro track that Youtube provided since every time we try to put on an appropriate commercial track, it gets flagged as piracy and we end up with no volume.

Events you can see, quickly, are fire proofing the second floor, pouring concrete on the first (though not the tip), pouring the roof, studs going up all around, fire proofing the third, building the planter boxes on the roof and our Field Manager Russ Cameron being there every minute of every day.

What you can't see on the video is the hourly, or more, coordination meetings that happen in the office and in the field.

Here's a shot of the field management team from Orier Electric talking with Russ on the roof about a dozen things that only they understand.

Tom and Bill Jr are cool... and work hard. If you ever come by the site and you hear us yelling names back at each other, this is why:

They brought it up - we're just sharing.

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