Monday, July 9, 2012

One year, a cloud of dust and graffiti

It has now been one year (give or take) from the start of construction and we apprehensively say, it shouldn't be much longer!  From the restaurant perspective, we will begin the interviewing process this and next week while our equipment, smallwares, etc. comes in by the truck load - literally.  Not only are we on a first name basis with the UPS and FedEx reps, motor common carriers know where to store the larger pieces of equipment.

The office spaces are coming along as well.  While they will be left as raw as possible (read "blank canvas"), the marketing has begun -  You know you want your office in the coolest building in town.

The roofers are getting ready to install the final paver system

The rannai water heater systems installed in the roof mechanical room

Elevator being built

Installation of Allucabond panels

Finishing up the stone work on Margaret Street

Glass on the bottom floor

Our new front door...not really, but something to keep the building secure as the fence comes down soon

Walling in the fire riser system

Our first graffiti!  After TECO installed our gas meter, some nit wit spray painted the meter grey to make it look shiny and new - without putting up a barrier between it and the very expensive and hard to clean Ariscraft stone.

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