Tuesday, July 24, 2012

49 days in 49 seconds, 1200 amps of power, a sharp edge and our employee entrance

We lost our camera for about a week during and after Tropical Storm Faye.  Unfortunately, nothing got done that week except clean up, so we, fortunately, didn't miss anything monumental.  This is May 5 to this morning.

Right now the building is under the power of a temporary pole on the building's Northeast corner.  Soon, that pole will be removed and 1200 amps of power will go under Oak Street and feed these boxes.  They say the initial activation is fun - from 100 feet away.

The stone work is about 95% complete around the exterior of the building.  The guys from D Coop love a sharp edge - nothing round in this building

The finishing touches on the employee entrance from Margaret Street.  Just waiting on the final two panels of IPE wood

And couldn't leave without another picture of the monumental staircase.  The view from the top while walking down is amazing...I can imagine.  Until the full hand rail is up, it's strictly off limits.

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