Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Finally building up!

After 4 months of site clearing, utility connections, ground preparation and underground conduit, the building at 1534 Oak Street is finally going vertical. Contractor DW Meyers emphasized the importance of this work as it, and primarily the foundation under the elevator shaft that goes down 8-10 feet and contains 1 million pounds of rock, rebar and concrete, act as the anchor for a building that has a relatively small footprint for it's height and built on an irregular shaped lot.

While "things where happening" over the past several months, the visual changes that will occur over the next 8 months will be much more gratifying and exciting. The steel sub contractor, Jax Steel has been fabricating the columns and beams over the past month and is anxious to put them up. In about a two hours time, the site went from looking like this

to this

The architectural team, Design Cooperative, has walked the lot to make sure all the conduit and wall bases are in the right locations. The vision they've seen for over a year is finally getting more clear to layman like us when we can see the 6 inch underground conduit that's going to take our 8 beer lines to the bar which is situated, right now, in the dirt amazingly close to the elevator lobby. It reminds us that, though is seems big on paper, the restaurant is only 5,200 square feet - roughly the size of the Brick.

Our eye in the sky saw this action on Monday

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