Monday, November 14, 2011

A bird's eye view

Ever since the cherry picker came on site 2 weeks ago, we've been talking about going up. Up to the corner of the building to the highest point a guest might be and see - over the streets and tree tops toward the beautiful St. Johns River. Talking and planning aside, today was the day - for me at least.

After determining my fear of heights was unfounded and confirming my bladder was completely empty, I met our Field Manager Russ on site.

Safety first:
Harness - check

Hard hat - check

Movember 'stache - check!

My chariot approaches

Going up please

So worth it!

When it's all done - this view looking back will be the roof top dining space - filled with customers.

Truth be told, I prefer to be under a tree than above them, but I'll like this view a lot more when there's a building under me instead of harnessed to a shaky cherry picker bucket.

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