Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Breaking: 5 Points Graffiti Artists Embrace Black Sheep - group split on response

Construction crews at 1534 Oak Street were greeted Tuesday morning with a flock of sheep. Several spray painted Black Sheep logos around the project, likely left by overnight vandals. The damage was minimal, but questions still remain.

The teams behind the development knew going in there was a potential for this, given the eclectic neighborhood with a history of artistic expression. The only question was when it would happen. The answer - 3 months.

Luckily, the site was only tagged on the footers and elevator shaft - areas likely never to be seen again. The rental equipment and signage was spared...this time.

One source from the development team, who preferred not to be identified, commented this morning, that "while it's no Banksy, it's pretty rad" that the friendly vandals tagged the site with the Black Sheep logo.

The contractor, on the other hand, was concerned that the interlopers may come back when steel is overhead, creating a liability. A spokesman for DW Meyers promised, "We will find these young men and see that it doesn't happen again."

Despite highly sophisticated surveillance equipment, this is the only photo captured of the tagging -

This photo taken 30 minutes earlier shows a man of interest (on the corner), possibly scouting the site or acting as a look out -

Despite increased rounds by JSO, no arrests have been made as of this posting. Please call 701-4OAK if you have any information.

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