Monday, March 5, 2012

Busy week and the anatomy of a wall

This week there will be a lot going on at the site. Thursday and Friday will have the light weight concrete (they make a "light" version) pour on the roof in preparation of the paver system that will bring the finished floor up 15". That said - there will be a lot of activity on property and a water hose crossing Margaret Street at the end of the week to help mix the concrete.

More significant to us is what will be happening on the Northeast corner of the building involving the skin of the building - the Arriscraft Stone. Originally, the building was designed to have architectural precast panels on the outside. Smooth, clean, modern and quick - these panels would be put up as huge moduals by enormous cranes - all in the same week. After some local and regional research, all the groups involved with the project couldn't find precast panels that made everyone happy. During those discussions a year ago, the building redesign dictated by the Overlay was in process and a win-win solution was found - the Arriscraft Stone.

Installed like brick, the 1 foot by 2 foot stone will take about 2 months to finish as the weight limits it to 2-3 courses per day maximum. The finished product will be better long term for the building at the same time fit the neighborhood a bit better. Each one weighs about 60 pounds.

Below is the beginning of the wall with the Prosoco R-Guard waterproofing system that includes several layers of liquid, fiberglass and copper membranes finished with a stainless steel edge.

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  1. Allan,

    It's Tony S, and I'm curious what the final finish is going to be. Are you guys going with a texture or is this going to be a flat stone with a brick-layed joint pattern or are you planning on stucco for the final finish?