Wednesday, December 28, 2011

UPDATE: Rapid progress, a flying canopy and a Phil Jackson reference

The last 60 days have been light years different than the first 120 and not for lack of Russ keeping it on schedule. We could bore you with all the details of why the digging and foundation are so important and yada yada yada, but lets get to the good part.

In 4 months, the site went from this (date one month off in photo tag due to amateur documentarian):
to this:

All the work underground.

However, in the past 2 months, it's become this:
On it's way to looking like this:
From these conceptual beginnings:

The steel subcontractor has been working fast. Like an erector set but with a 100 foot tall crane effortlessly lifting thousands of pounds at a time. Flying canopy here (play superman below simultaneously b/c of youtube police):

The concrete sub has worked just as fast and gets to use the coolest equipment. (Still my favorite)

It all made today's ascent to the top level that much more rewarding and the anticipation of welcoming friends and guests up there that much more exciting.
That's the Ortega River draw bridge.

As is typical of Design Cooperative, they are stingy with the interior design drawings (see previous material about the above conceptual model), but what we have seen looks awesome. Russ, who runs the triangle like Phil Jackson, and the rest of the contracting crew at DW Meyers have pridefully kept a very tidy site with minimal traffic interruptions. We are all looking forward to the next 60 days.

Happy New Year!

After walking around today, we all agree - Dec 31, 2012 - fireworks from the roof of 1534 Oak.

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