Saturday, September 17, 2011

Road Closings and gas lines

This is a sign we all hate to see. Our contractor, DW Meyers, has tried to keep road closures to a bare minimum over the course of this project. Until the spaces and landscaping on Margaret Street are put in place sometime next April, that street will never be closed.

Unfortunately, JEA did have to close Oak Street for portions of the day Thursday and today to connect the water and sewer. Though water and sewage won't be flowing through these lines for another 8 months, JEA, as has been the case throughout the start of this project, is on the case and working quickly to get this done.

This connection was done Thursday and will hopefully never be seen again - it's the sewer hookup.

In both cases, they had to dig around this 4" gas line...

And this equally as large At&t fiber optics cable. If you can't upload this blog or anything else in the next few hours - it was JEA! Seriously though, there have been meetings and markings and then more meetings and markings. I have no doubt it will all go well. Is that gas I smell?

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