Sunday, June 26, 2011

Goodbye empty lot!

By this time tomorrow, this view should look different. After months of planning, Insetta Family Properties will break ground on this vacant property to begin construction of the building that will house the newest culinary offering from Black Sheep Restaurant Group.

As this portion of the project begins, so does another - earnest restaurant planning. Menus, wine lists, and staff. Interior design, chairs, tables and barstools. Plates, silverware and every detail down to the bathroom hand soap. The fun part!

One thing that won't be a part of the landscape soon are the power poles and associated lines you see below. Collaborating with JEA, we've worked to remove existing poles and lines as well as ensure that new ones won't be part of the changes to neighborhood. We couldn't be more excited about that part.

As originally proposed, the additional parking on the East side of Oak Street was approved and we are moving forward with building those 11 spaces. Thank you to 1661 Riverside, 800 Lomax and the McIver Institute for working with us and the city to ensure that not only will it be built, but landscaped, lit and maintained appropriately.

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